OAS Western Reserve District 5 Science Day

About the Western Reserve District 5 Science Day

Welcome to the Western Reserve District 5 REGISTRATION Website
Thanks to everyone that helped make last year's WRD5 Science Day a success!
The Western Reserve District 5 Science Day is one of the 16 District Science Fairs held in Ohio each spring under the Ohio Junior Academy on Science. This spring the 71th Annual Western Reserve District 5 Science Day is on Saturday, March 16, 2019.
Students in grades 5-12 prepare projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics/Computing or Behavioral/Social Sciences.

Ohio Science Day -- last year District 5 promoted 145 projects to State Science Day in Columbus

BUCKEYE SCIENCE FAIR - This year District 5 will promote 27 projects to the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair. Buckeye will then promote 6 projects to the ISEF National Fair


RESEARCH PLANS should be uploaded as page 2 of FORM (1A), or uploaded into the form location "Research Plan", or created using boxes on the last milestone.

Registration DEADLINE is February 15th, 2019. Missing or corrected forms accepted until 3/9/19 with paid $10 LATE FEE.

Objectives of the Ohio Junior Academy of Science

  • Encourage and assure the discovery, understanding, dissemination and practice of education, science, mathematics, engineering, technology and their applications.
  • Facilitate continuing professional development and training.
  • Promote interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration.
  • Provide advice to local, state and federal governments.
  • Promote innovation and adoption of new technologies.
  • Monitor, report on, and advocate funding opportunities for research and development, and education.
  • Widen public understanding and appreciation of science to help create an informed citizenry.
  • Publish and otherwise disseminate peer reviewed, original contributions to education, science, engineering, technology, and their applications, and distribute other information.
  • Award individual, team, and employer performance.


The OAS Western Reserve District 5 Science Day would like to thank the following companies and organizations for their tireless support.
With their commitment, students have an opportunity to share ideas, showcase cutting-edge projects,
and compete annually for awards and scholarships.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the OAS Western Reserve District 5 Science Day
please contact Dr. Ali Dhinojwala for more information.

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